January 15, 2014

17 Jan

Hello All

Sorry that I have not posted in months.  So here goes trying to catch anyone up that is not up to date.

In August, I did begin teaching again.  After @ 6 weeks in the classroom, I had to go back out due to fatigue, pain, and declining blood counts.  It was disappointing, but I have to believe that it is in His plan.  You never know how much you like something until you can’t do it….and that definitely includes teaching.  January’s doctor visit shows that the leukemia growth is non-existent(HALLELUJAH!), but also that my white counts and platelets dropped.  This puts my immune system at risk so I am unable to go back to work.  Hopefully my Feb visit will bring better news.  My goal now is to pay forward all of the good deeds that were done for me and my family.

I am feeling pretty good.  Energy and strength are returning so just waiting for my blood counts to recover to help complete my full recovery.  I know God has a plan and purpose throughout.  That along with Lara, Emma, and Gracie have helped me through this journey.

Thanks for everything



July 17

18 Jul

More good news!!! I had my checkup/Dr. visit with Dr. Hurd on Monday.  He is pleased with my progress over the last 6 weeks.  My cells have finally got tired of chemo and radiation and are cooperating, after 1 year. God answers prayer, but he does it in His time.  My DNA is 99% my brother.  We just found this out today and are really excited.  This means that I only have 1% of my old cells in me, so the bad ones are gone.  We are not out of the woods, but now my prayers are for my blood counts to grow back to normal so that I will have my old energy and immunity.  Thank you all for  your thoughts, prayers, and actions.  It is not fun to think about what I have been through, but it is a miracle that God has taken me on this path.  We have received many blessings on this journey.  God bless.



May 20

20 May

Feeling much better and getting my energy back.  I still have a ways to go, but am happy to see any progress.

We received great news at my Dr. visit today.  My white blood counts were 4.9, the lowest level ever.  There is still some leukemic cells in there, but hopefully the boost of stem cells will help eradicate them.  My doctor was happy with the blood counts….this is the first time that he has been optimistic with my counts since I have been seeing him.  Please pray that the new cells do not cause me to get Graft Versus Host Disease.  I will see Dr. again in two weeks for a checkup.  Lara and I are very excited about this news and know that God works according to His plan, not ours.

Thank you all for everything


April 6

6 Apr

Hello all

Just wanted to send a quick update.  Two and a half months after transplant and still recovering.  It is slower that I thought but I have to remind myself that they almost wiped me out two and half months ago.  Currently, I am on a chemo treatment once a week.  It is an all day treatment at WF Baptist Hospital.  The reason for the treatment is because my white cell count is still high with lymph cells so this med is supposed to attack those cells while we wait for the transplanted cells to grow and hopefully take over.   Thank you all for all the cards, thoughts, dinners, and especially prayers.  God is good and works in mysterious ways.

February 25

26 Feb

I am home from the hospital and my 29 day stay….Hallelujah!  My counts are increasing based on my first checkup today.  There are still too many lymphocytes to the surprise of the doctor.  He said that the chemo and full radiation was supposed to take care of them.   I have a new weekly regimen treatment to try to get rid of the lymphocytes.  Pray that this new treatment does the job quickly.

Gaining a little strength, but it is a slow process.  Being home with my family is great!!!!


January 9

10 Jan

I just wanted to give a quick update of my status.  First of all, I am feeling really good.  These last two chemo treatments have been much more tolerable.  They are different drugs with much less side effects.  We are a go for the bone marrow transplant.  I will be admitted to Baptist Hospital on January 24(the first day of the rest of my long life).  The first two days will be high dose chemo, followed by a day off, followed by 4 days of radiation 2x a day.  The purpose of all of this is to eradicate all of my bone marrow.  I have been informed by the doctors that this will not be fun:-)  The day after the last radiation treatment, they will inject my brothers stem cells in me(just an IV of blood).  After that, it is just a slow process of watching those bad boys multiply.  Hopefully, I will be home in a month.  I will not be that healthy when I get home, but at least I will be out of the hospital.  Email or text me if you have questions.

Please keep the doctors, my family, and myself in yours prayers.  Certain parts of the process have some risk to them but I know God can guide the doctors to make the right decisions.


December 4, 2012

5 Dec

Hello all

Last week I had my first treatment of Treandor and Rituxin.  Thank goodness this treatment is only two days and is done in the doctors office so I do not have to stay in the hospital.  I am feeling pretty good after the treatment with much less side effects than with the last treatments.  The doctors are hoping that this chemo treatment will reduce the leukemic cells in order to be able to proceed to a successful transplant.  I will have another treatment right after Christmas and then begin the transplant 4 weeks from then.  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as well as all of the support that has been given to me and my family.  It is really humbling and overwhelming.

I had a great Thanksgiving with my family and we are enjoying the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


November 9, 2012

10 Nov

I hope this finds everyone well.  Just wanted to send out a quick update on the status of my CLL and treatment.

It has been a little rough since my last treatment of chemo 2 weeks ago.  I have had quite a lot of fever, migraines, nausea, and fatigue.  Recently, I have been having trouble breathing and getting winded very easily.  Dr. Sholar first thought that it may be bronchitis and prescribed an antibiotic.   This did not work so she had me sent in for some tests…..EKG, CT scan, and Bronchoscopy.  They believe that it is pneumonia and are treating it with a different antibiotic.  As of now, the breathing problem has been quite debilitating but we are hoping the antibiotics help to relieve it.   If you have ever had the opportunity to sit around and do absolutely NOTHING all day, I would recommend not…..it is not as exciting as it sounds:-)  Thank God for Lara.  She is taking care of everything around here.  Also, thank you to all of you who have offered help.  We have been blessed and overwhelmed with all of the kindness shown.

Anyways, my next treatment is scheduled for next week but I will be evaluated on Tuesday to see if the pneumonia is gone.  If not, the treatment will be postponed.  We will keep you posted.

P.S.  They have put me on oxygen 24 hours a day since my oxygen level is low.  Hopefully, this will allow my body to help fight off the pneumonia.

Keep praying


Oct. 29 Update

30 Oct

Finished my 4th round of R-Epoc last week.  Still feeling the effects now but it will start getting better throughout this week.

Lara and I saw the Transplant specialist today.  He gave us a timeline that will lead up to the transplant.  In two weeks, I will have another round of chemo treatment.  This will be a different treatment and will not require a hospital stay…..HALLELUJAH!  I will then have another round of that treatment three weeks from then.  The goal of these treatments is still to get the disease under control enough so that the transplant has the best opportunity to be effective.
The transplant is scheduled to take place beginning the first week of January….HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Please pray that these treatments will be effective and that the side effects will be minimal.  Thank you for all of your support, thoughts, and prayers.


Thanks for the support!

26 Oct

We wanted to thank everyone for the initial support as Blaine undergoes his treatment!  His courage is nothing less than inspiring!

We also wanted to let you know but in addition to the blog, as part of our I Am Fighting With campaign, we created a donation page where you can help spread the word and continue to support Blaine in the ongoing cost of his treatment.  All donations made through the site go to the family so any help you could provide would obviously be appreciated—and one of the main reasons the Vickie S. Honeycutt foundation started this campaign for Blaine and the educators that will follow!

You can click the “Fundraising Page” link at the top right of the page or go to www.iamfightingwith.org for more information on how to get involved!  Thanks again for all your support!