January 9

10 Jan

I just wanted to give a quick update of my status.  First of all, I am feeling really good.  These last two chemo treatments have been much more tolerable.  They are different drugs with much less side effects.  We are a go for the bone marrow transplant.  I will be admitted to Baptist Hospital on January 24(the first day of the rest of my long life).  The first two days will be high dose chemo, followed by a day off, followed by 4 days of radiation 2x a day.  The purpose of all of this is to eradicate all of my bone marrow.  I have been informed by the doctors that this will not be fun:-)  The day after the last radiation treatment, they will inject my brothers stem cells in me(just an IV of blood).  After that, it is just a slow process of watching those bad boys multiply.  Hopefully, I will be home in a month.  I will not be that healthy when I get home, but at least I will be out of the hospital.  Email or text me if you have questions.

Please keep the doctors, my family, and myself in yours prayers.  Certain parts of the process have some risk to them but I know God can guide the doctors to make the right decisions.



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