Treatment #4

24 Oct

Good morning all
This weeks treatments are going well so far.  Appetite is pretty good and not much nausea so far.  Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.  Our hope is that this round of chemo will get the counts low enough that we can continue on to the next step in the process.  We will be visiting the specialist on Monday.

Thank you all.  I will post more later in the week or next week…when we get some results.


Treatment 3

15 Oct

First, thank you for all of your prayers.  We know God is working but just have to wait on his timeline.

Treatment three was a little more difficult.  More side effects such as nausea and fatigue but nothing that we weren’t able to handle.  Lara has been great in taking care of the girls while I have been down….I don’t know how she does it.  We are seeing positive signs in the blood counts.  The segs are increasing and the leukemic cells are decreasing.  It is slow, but at least they are going in the right direction.  I have treatment 4 next week.  The week after that, we go so Dr. Hurd for an update on the transplant timeline.  Pray for me while in the hospital that I will  have energy and appetite.


Thank you all.


From the Beginning

10 Oct

I was first diagnosed with CLL (chronic Lymphacytic Leukemia in 2008.  It started with me noticing a small bump on my upper right neck.  I didn’t know whether to get it checked out or not but decided to.  They checked for mono and other possibilities and also did a blood draw.  After noticing that my white blood counts were elevated, I was referred to an oncologist.  There they made the diagnosis.  I have always been at peace with the situation from day one.  I know that God is in control and has a reason and plan for everything.  That does not mean that it has all been rosy, but it has made things much more tolerable.

For the next 3+ years, I was in a monitor state where the doctors would draw blood and watch my counts.  The reason for this was because there is no cure for CLL, just treatment once symptoms show up.  These symptoms include, enlarged/painful lymph nodes, reduced appetite, enlarged spleen, excessive bruising or bleeding, etc.  I had none of the symptoms at first and was feeling great.  My white counts continued to increase throughout, which was not a great sign.  The fear was that the lymphatic white cells would crowd the red blood cells and platelets out of my bone marrow.  This began to occur in 2011, so the doctors began to monitor more closely.

In 2012, a bone marrow test was conducted which showed some chromosome damage.  This meant that treatment needed to begin and that I would require a bone marrow/stem cell transplant.  This was quite alarming to Lara and I, but we moved on and processed it with God’s help.  I began a six month treatment program of chemo.  This treatment required 3 days of treatment every four weeks.  After four of these treatments, the doctors decided that it was not working so we needed to proceed to a more aggressive chemo treatment.  These treatments began August 20 and required a 5 day stay every three weeks.  The first treatment did not show much progress, but the second one (week of Sept 10) began to show progress in reducing the number of lymphacytic white blood cells.  That puts me to the present treatment.  I am currently in the hospital for my third treatment.  God is with us and thank you to all that are praying, supporting, and helping.  We could not do it without all of you.

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Hello and welcome from the Vickie S. Honeycutt Foundation

2 Oct

Thank you for taking the time to visit the I Am Fighting With Blaine blog!  We created this blog to allow Blaine the option to connect with you throughout his fight with cancer.  The Vickie S. Honeycutt Foundation is proud to play a part in raising awareness towards educator’s needs while battling this disease and sincerely want to thank you for helping us kick cancer’s butt!!

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